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Automation makes it easy for your team to keep track of their content in Confluence

Have you tried out Confluence Automation, released in January 2023? 

Imaging an automated way to keep Confluence structured, improve the searchability and getting reminders to review, edit or archive pages.

This is now possible – the Atlassian automation platform has arrived to Confluence Cloud (Premium and Enterprise edition). Site and space admins can maintain automation with low-code/no-code rules. This includes the personal spaces where all users can set up their automation rules to keep track of their tasks!

Start from a template or build your own custom automation rule from scratch.

Two Confluence automation rules to get you started

  1. Want to make sure your pages are always up-to-date? Set up an automated reminder to review or archive content that’s gone past its shelf life ✅
  2. How about the meeting notes? Automate the recurring page creation ✅

Confluence Cloud Premium or Enterprise will get this functionality at latest the 15th January, 2023. You can check Atlassian documentation to learn more:  Learn more about automation and how to build automation rules

If you’re not yet on Confluence Cloud Premium or Enterprise, contact us and we will guide you to get started with a free trial of Confluence Premium or Enterprise and also with a quote for the upgrade.

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