Atlassian Licenses

Advice and purchase of Atlassian licenses

Order your Atlassian licenses from Stretch today! We resell Atlassian Cloud, Data Center, Server and Marketplace Add: on licenses.

Tell us about your needs and we will help you order the right licenses.
We resell licenses for all Atlassian products including Marketplace add-ons and you get access to the licenses when ordering so your teams can start working immediately.

Advice and purchase of Atlassian licenses

With Stretch Addera as a license partner, you get:

  • License selection advice from our Atlassian licensing specialist team.
  • Advice on license renewal and a quotation in good time before the renewal date.
  • Quotation and invoice in the currency that suits you.
  • Help in co-terming renewal dates whenever possible.
  • License delivered in connection with order.
  • We will contact you if Atlassian announce a Security Advisory.
  • Established contact route for consulting needs.

Stretch Addera can also renew and upgrade licenses previously purchased directly from¬†Atlassian or another license reseller. What is needed for the move is Atlassian’s Support Entitlement id SEN-ID and technical contact person, we will help you produce the required information.

Advice and purchase of Atlassian licenses

Contact us and we will help you!