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Jira Software — for your agile teams

Successful teams strive for continuous improvement. The pace of deploying new features and updates to your customers is accelerating. Jira makes it easier for your teams throughout the product life cycle (SDLC), from idea to delivery with all the steps in between.

Give your teams access to Jira Software and see productivity increase!

Central is the team’s Scrum / Kanban board that brings together all the Epics, Stories and Tasks. The strength of integrations with, for example, code repos in Bitbucket, the builds in Bamboo and alarms in Opsgenie make it easier for the team to get an overview of the entire DevOps flow. When the retrospective page in Confluence is linked to the sprint report in Jira and the activities to be implemented can be created directly from the page, the drive is ensured in the continuous delivery.

The flexibility of Jira is fantastic! However, it can also lead to incorrect or difficult-to-maintain configuration. Balancing freedom of adaptation with simplicity and stability is something that requires competence and experience. Setting up a working SDLC process in Jira gives your business a big boost.

Let Stretch Jira Consultants help you reach a new level!

Since 2004, our consultants have helped teams collaborate more effectively. With broad expertise in agile development methods, combined with deep tool knowledge, we let you maximize the business value of Jira and other Atlassian tools.

Start-up, introduction and training

Benefit from our expertise in Jira, Confluence, and Atlassian tools for seamless  project management and collaboration. With years of experience, our advisory services ensure a smooth start for your initiatives. From Jira and Confluence solution design, configuration, integrations to governance, we guide you every step of the way.

We also tailor solutions where, with the help of Marketplace apps, we expand Jira’s areas of use and functionality according to your needs.


Also keep all history from your previous case management system. Our Jira consultants run migration projects with mapping of data from e.g. ClearQuest, Bugzilla, Trello, Trac etc. Our consultants also enable you to move from Atlassian server to Atlassian Cloud or Atlassian Data Center and we help you to the right environment for your needs.

Ready for the next step?

Book our tailor-made workshops and training courses that suit your organization’s needs. Our Atlassian partner team is there to help you maximize the business value from your investment.  Contact us and we will tell you more!