Jira Service Management

Jira Service Management — For your DevOps and ITSM teams

Do you want a simple, structured and efficient way to handle incoming cases? Jira Service Management gathers everything in one place and allows you as a team to handle and respond to incoming cases in a simple, structured and efficient way. Structure, SLAs and automation free up time for service management agents to focus on customer experience.

Customer service with Jira Service Management

Your customers also get access to a customer portal where they can look up information from a knowledge bank, create cases with case-specific forms and follow up ongoing cases. Your agents create guides and articles based on good answers in cases. The article can then be used to answer the next customer and you get a live knowledge bank! The portal is your outward face where you can maintain structure and stability over time.

Features of Jira Service Management

  • Facilitate the work by clarifying who should do what and when with queues.
  • Ensure that matters are handled on time with the help of SLAs.
  • Streamline work automation and reminders.
  • Give end users the opportunity to find answers to their own questions, create and follow their cases via the customer portal.
  • The integration with Jira Software makes it easy to send the case to the development backlog and the service management agent automatically receives status updates from the development task.
  • Integrations with Opsgenie, Slack and Statuspage – take your incident management process to new levels

Consultants certified in Jira Service Management will take you to the next level

We help you get started, improve your existing instance, migrate to Atlassian Cloud, change customer service tools, handle licensing or service agreements for secure management of Jira Service Management.

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