Atlassian consultants

Atlassian Subject Matter Expert (SME)

Give your teams the best possible foundation for success by expanding your team with a team of certified Atlassian consultants. Our Atlassian consultants create the platform for you to get the maximum benefit from Atlassian's unique tools. We know the value that comes from their use and we know how to get there!

Stretch Addera

Team deliveries

We see the strength in delivering as a team – then we know that you get the most value. You get help and support where you need it and from the right skills. You get consultants with broad and deep knowledge within Atlassian to be able to use the products in the best way. Stretch Addera strives to be Scandinavia’s leading Atlassian Expert with the aim of unleashing the power of your teams.

Stretch Atlassian SME has extensive experience in implementing Atlassian tools in various industries. This may involve new functionality, increased tool support, roadmap and management model. We translate your needs into both process and tool configurations and create sustainable solutions.


Unleash the full potential of Jira and Confluence

Deliver business value continuously with Atlassian

We have consultants who have worked with Atlassian since 2004 when the only well-known tool was Jira. There is now a whole portfolio of Atlassian applications that can support your entire ALM, SDLC process and our experts have knowledge in the entire tool flora including market-leading add-ons from marketplace such as ScriptRunner, Tempo, and EazyBi. Atlassian SME helps you balance between control and simplicity in your configuration so that your teams can reach their full potential and create business value often.

Unleash the power of your teams at all levels

We help you maximize the strengths of your Atlassian applications. We can also help with adapting your processes according to ITIL or PM3. Do you want to sort out requirements, bugs, processes, risks, or other flows? Do you need a new dynamic intranet or a new wiki? Let some of Scandinavia’s most experienced Atlassian consultants describe how we at Stretch can help you reach a whole new level.

We provide you with support throughout the process from licensing issues, installation, commissioning, configuration, courses, workshops, and the path to proper management.

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