Status page – Take your incident management to the next level

With the help of Statuspage, you can easily reach out with information to users and customers, for example in the event of any issues or for system maintenance. Being able to quickly show that issues are being handled gives confidence and contributes to reduce the load on your service desk.

Inform about downtime and scheduled maintenance

With the help of Statuspage, you can inform users and customers about downtime and scheduled maintenance. Users can activate information notifications via e-mail or text message to be quickly informed of an ongoing incident, you can also switch on status messages in other interfaces so customers always know what is happening.

Statuspage does not directly monitor your websites or servers, but it can be integrated with monitoring tools or use Atlassian’s API to update your website.

Why Statuspage?

  • Build trust with your customers
  • Reduce incoming support requests during incidents
  • Build and scale your communication process for incidents

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