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Stretch Addera

Stretch Addera is passionate about "Happiness in teamwork" and our teams help your organization find joy in teamwork.

Stretch Addera is a company that is driven by teamwork both internally and in customer deliveries. We constantly try to challenge the traditional consulting business by delivering in teams and thus give both the customer and our own consultants the best support. It gives ourselves an opportunity to be a learning organization where the team is responsible for an ongoing learning. We invest heavily in our consultants undergoing certifications within our area of ‚Äč‚Äčexpertise.

Stretch Addera is part of the Stretch group consisting of a total of 19 companies. Stretch Addera has offices in several locations in Sweden but delivers to the entire Scandinavian market and can then have local representation via other offices within the Stretch Group.

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We are partners with Atlassian and several Marketplace Vendors.