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The very best results are achieved by the client who includes an Atlassian partner in the mix

Since the start, Atlassian has had a business model that stands out among B2B software vendors. Atlassian’s product development budget is significantly larger than their sales and marketing budget, which is often an inverse relationship among their competitors. Atlassian’s strategy has paved the way for their market-leading products, such as Jira Software and Jira Service Management, which have been successfully developed in line with customer needs.

Get started with Jira quickly with a short purchase process

When we talk about entrepreneurship, focus is something that we at Stretch often highlight. Atlassian puts its focus on building tools that unleash teams’ full potential. It should be easy to get started and long negotiation processes are not part of their model, the prices are available on their website. It saves enormous time and money for both buyers and sellers.

Atlassian’s ecosystem of partners knows your market

In order to focus on product development, Atlassian started a global network of partners. An Atlassian partner knows the market where the customer is located and operates. Our colleagues Annicka Rosengren and Urban Andersson have been active in the partner network/ecosystem since the early 2000s. They’ve seen the partners and Atlassian grow and adopt to changing needs over the past 20 years. Today, Atlassian’s tools act as the hub of choice in the innovation, service and product development work for successful global companies. Theis requires new ways of collaborating also from the supplier side, to support the Enterprise customers evolving need.

When Stretch and Atlassian work together with the customer as ONE team, we are able to create solutions that take teamwork to new levels

It has surely not escaped anyone that Atlassian Cloud is the platform of the future. SaaS in the Cloud is completely in line with Atlassian’s model, it should be simple, easy, and safe to get started. Stretch Addera was an early part of the cloud journey, which resulted in us becoming global “Cloud Partner of the year” already in 2018. Stretch Addera invests wholeheartedly in Cloud.

Amsterdam visit at Atlassian office with a focus on the Nordic market

During September 2022, Annicka & Urban visited Atlassian in Amsterdam, where they exchanged ideas with, among others, Atlassian’s Head of global channels, Enterprise Account Managers and Stretch Addera’s partner manager. Swedish companies are known for being “early adopters”, which makes our Nordic customer journeys interesting for what will be relevant in other markets in the near future. We talked Cloud, ITSM, Agile at Scale and discussed what could be challenges in the customer cloud journey. The journey to Cloud is one step, but once there the most important journey begins to facilitate teams in a hybrid world. Meetings where we share and listen to experiences inspires and open up for new ideas and ways of working.

That Atlassian, like Stretch, celebrates 20 years of entrepreneurship in the same year is a coincidence. But it is no coincidence that by being a responsive, adaptable player with a strong focus on creating results for the customer, fantastic companies are built!

If you want to know more about how we can help your teams feel more “Happiness in Teamwork” at your fantastic company – contact us and we’ll tell you more about our service agreements, our Cloud team and about Atlassian’s toolbox!


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