Opsgenie – Future incident management

Act before your customer is affected.

Opsgenie is an Atlassian tool that handles your system alarms and alerts as well as your contingency schedules and escalation procedures. Opsgenie is used by DevOps teams to quickly resolve incidents and keep the customer's satisfaction index at a high level.

Opsgenie handles the incident from start to finish

Opsgenie becomes an integral part of the tools that your Team uses in their daily work, for example with Jira Service Management, telephone and chat integration. There are over 200 integrations to your monitoring tools, which makes it easy to connect the alarms and ensure that they are handled by the right team. The notifications can generate phone calls, text messages, app notifications and emails based on the priority of the incident.

Opsgenie handles the incident from start to finish and ensures that cases are reported, escalated and handled according to desired routines. The team strives for improvements, and postmortems in Confluence often provide new activities in the Jira Backlog. During an ongoing incident, Opsgenie can, together with Statuspage, be an effective tool for clarifying and informing customers about if and how incidents are being handled.

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Our team helps you get started with Opsgenie, we can start with a proof of concept and guide you to an optimized ITSM solution with Opsgenie and Jira Service Management. We guide you to choose the Opsgenie plan and which licenses you need.

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