Bamboo — Automate your CI / CD flow

Speed ​​up the process from idea to delivered business value to your customers. Innovative teams push new releases/updates frequently and that requires tools that supports an automated release model. Every new function or service must be able to be delivered early to your customers.

Continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD)

Bamboo is a tool for continuous integration and delivery (CI / CD). Set up automatic construction process, automatic tests and releases in an efficient flow. Together with Jira, Bitbucket and Confluence, it provides a fully traceable development process, your common ALM platform.

Bamboo connects Jira cases, source code, test results and deliveries, which gives your product team a common overall picture.

Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

With continuous integration , defects are detected immediately. The plans in Bamboo run as soon as the code is checked in and the developer receives ongoing early feedback on how the code change affects the software. Each change is built and verified with tests and other verifications to detect errors as quickly as possible. Bamboo helps the team find the cause of the broken construction. It is cost and time efficient to find the cause of defects as early as possible.

Continuous Delivery creates the conditions for an automated release process. Each change is built and tested for different environments automatically. Bamboo defines the regulations for commissioning to different target environments all the way out to production.


Our Atlassian consultants guide you!

Stretch Adderas Atlassian Consultants will guide you through the installation, upgrade and management of Bamboo. We guide you through the license purchase and help you decide how many remote agents you need.