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AWS connector now available for Jira Service Management Cloud

Great news – AWS connector now available for Jira Service Management Cloud

Integrate your AWS resources and services natively with Jira Service Management Cloud

Atlassian announces that the AWS Service Management Connector is now available for Jira Service Management Cloud. Now its possible to integrate Jira Service Management Cloud with AWS Service Catalog, AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager, and AWS Security Hub via the AWS Service Management Connector, built on Atlassian’s Forge platform. The AWS Service Management Connector is free for Atlassian customers, available for both Cloud and Data Center deployments.

This new functionality strengthens the Atlassian cloud platform and provides our customers with possibilities that improves their services and takes it to new levels.

In the Atlassian Community news they describe the new possiblites:

  • AWS Service Catalog

With the AWS Service Management Connector, administrators can use existing AWS Service Catalog configurations, including curated products, portfolios, constraints, and tagging, and expose them to Jira Service Management Cloud administrators and users.

Administrators can view AWS Service Catalog portfolios and products, align them to organizational structures, grant access to Jira Service Management Cloud users, and connect Jira Service Management workflows to provisioning requests.

Jira Service Management Cloud users can browse and request provisioning of AWS Service Catalog products, including AWS Marketplace software products that have been copied to AWS Service Catalog.

  • AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager

AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager is the operations hub for AWS applications and resources that helps to automate reactive processes to diagnose and remediate operational issues quickly.

With the Incident Manager integration with Jira Service Management Cloud, customers can automate their incident response plans in Incident Manager and synchronize their incidents into Jira Service Management.

This feature enables faster resolution of critical application availability and performance issues while working in harmony with existing Jira Service Management workflows.

  • AWS Security Hub

AWS Security Hub helps customers to perform security best practice checks, aggregate alerts, and enables automated remediation.

It allows users to view security findings from AWS services, such as Amazon Guard Duty, Amazon Inspector, and AWS Partner solutions.

This bidirectional integration between AWS Security Hub and Jira Service Management incidents enables Jira Service Management users/developers to manage AWS Security findings while leveraging existing incident workflows.

These new features are available in all AWS Regions where AWS Service Catalog, AWS Systems Manager Incident Manager, and AWS Security Hub services are available. For more information, check out the AWS Service Management Connector documentation.

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