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Customer Success Planning – Confluence Template

The team shares knowledge in Confluence

Service and customer experience are the hub of our business. The customer’s desired result is the goal we strive for, the customer expects that we can act as a guide and show on the right path and new opportunities.

Stretch Addera believes in the power of the team, our consultants know the needs of Stretch customers, a knowledge built from their daily work, providing services that aim to deliver Atlassian solutions that lift the customer towards their desired results.

Our recommendation is to use the strength of the entire team knowledge. At our latest conference one session had the topic – how can we help our customer succeed. A tool for this session was to use an appropriate template in Confluence. This is very helpful to go from discussions to tangible actions.

There are many pre-created templates in Atlassian Cloud, such as the postmortem template. One strength of Confluence is that you can also create your own templates, global or for a specific Confluence Space.

How do you create a great template in Confluence?

  1. Create a collection page for where you, intend to collect the content for your template. Add a button using Create Page From Template macro macro, it makes it easy to create pages with the right template
  2. Make sure you add a label to your template that automatically adds for each new page.
    You can add labels in a template in Atlassian Cloud’s new editor by:
    Selecting ••• -> Add Labels.
  3. Use the ”Page properties” and the ”Page property report” macro , its possible to gather information from all created pages with a specific label, in a table on the collection page, from the information in a table at the top of each template page.
  4. The Placeholder text macro allows you to guide those who create new pages, the text is only visible in the edit mode of the page created using template.
  5. Use @mentions in your page to assign ownership to team members or list attendants at the meeting etc. It provides clear ownership and ensures notifications.

Spread the knowledge about your new template in a Confluence blog post, in a demo or at a meeting, and you’re up and running.

Confluence is easy to get started with! Accelerate the next step together with our Confluence specialists and get the full value of your Atlassian investment – Contact us and we will tell you more.


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