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Highlights from Atlassian’s Team Tour High Velocity ITSM

ITSM event sponsored by Stretch Addera

On June 16th, the highly anticipated Atlassian Team Tour High Velocity ITSM event, kicked off with electrifying energy. The event was a dynamic mix of productive meetings, insightful news, and vibrant conversations. Marcus Nygren and Annicka Rosengren from Stretch took the stage, delivering a power-packed session on iteratively strengthening the incident process, where the Atlassian platform, combined with cultural practices and effective communication, played a crucial role.

Don’t miss a beat:  A Stretch Session on improving Incident Management

One of the event’s highlights was the session led by Marcus Nygren and Annicka Rosengren, which drew a sizable audience. Their focus on iteratively enhancing the incident process, with a strong emphasis on the Atlassian platform, team culture, and effective communication, resonated with attendees. The session also sparked a lively exchange of thought-provoking questions, covering topics such as leveraging Opsgenie for alerts, maximizing the potential of Jira Service Management, and exploring various aspects of IT service management. Participants gained valuable insights and actionable strategies to implement in their own organizations.

Beats of Innovation: Jira Service Management Cloud

The event was filled with exciting news for the future. Attendees were energized by discussions on Cloud solutions, the power of Jira Service Management, and the much-anticipated introduction of new functionality. Jira Service Management is a future-proof platform that supports both ESM and ITSM, strengthening the ability to provide rapid service in any organization. Atlassian has recently introduced exciting new functionality for external support in Jira Service Management.

Atlassian partners enables scalable customer implementations

The Stretch team had the privilege of visiting Atlassian’s office in Amsterdam prior to the event, further solidifying our collaboration in building solutions that contribute to the success of our mutual customers. As we look ahead to the autumn season, we can anticipate exciting updates on Cloud, Jira Service Management, and deployment of new products like Jira Discovery.

Thank You to the Atlassian Team, our customers and our on-site Stretch team

We extend our heartfelt appreciation to the entire Atlassian team for hosting such a remarkable event. Their dedication and commitment to advancing IT service management have created a platform for knowledge-sharing and collaboration. Special thanks go to our outstanding crew, including Mathias Carling, Peter Friberg, Urban Andersson, Marcus Nygren, and Annicka Rosengren, whose energy and expertise made the event even more extraordinary. We also express our gratitude to our customers for attending, as well as a special thank you to our partner manager, Andreas Tilly, for hosting us during the office visit.

A Sold-Out Success: Igniting Innovation and Collaboration

We are delighted that the Stretch Addera-sponsored Atlassian Team Tour High Velocity ITSM event was a successful and inspiring gathering, filled with collaboration and innovation within the IT Service Management community. The event’s sold-out status demonstrates the high interest in innovative service management. The atmosphere was positive, and valuable connections were made. Innovative organizations will benefit from the agile service platform being developed, with Jira Service Management at its core, combined with other exciting areas within Atlassian’s ecosystem.

Stay tuned for upcoming events and activities that we will be sharing. By participating, you can be part of the innovative and collaborative IT Service Management community. Together, we create the future of service management.

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