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Insight CMDB – can you upgrade Jira Software above version 8.14?

Jira Software + Jira Service Management gives all teams access to asset management

Atlassian included their app for asset management/CMDB in Jira Service Management Data Center the 2nd February 2021. Jira Software users could still use the app as we clarified in the blog post: Will Insight work with Jira Software?

However now we have a new LTS release available for Jira Software 8.20 and if you do not have Jira Service Management installed in your instance you cannot upgrade above 8.14 and keep using Insight as an app.

What you can do, to keep using the asset management functionality in your Jira instance is to add Jira Service Management to your mix. Then your teams would also get access to all the functions that comes with Jira Service Management. This can power up your teams to be able to:

Collaborate on one platform

Connect your dev and ops teams with an open, robust, and collaborative platform that brings greater visibility and flexibility to work.

Innovate and deliver value fast

Empower every team across the enterprise to be a service team without the cost and complexity of legacy ITSM tools.

Scale service with confidence

Support large quantities of agents, assets, requests, and workflows, and deploy changes across diverse teams with ease and confidence.

Jira Service Management does not have to be on the same user tier as Jira Software, you could start with a 50-agent license and still use Insight for all your Jira Software user-base.


Curious about Jira Service Management or how you can keep using Insight in your regular Jira Software project – Contact us and we can help you with both advisory and the license.

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