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Jira Cloud New Automation Model

Jira Automations: Understanding the New Usage Limits 

Atlassian’s ecosystem is evolving, and Stretch Addera, as an experienced Atlassian Partner, is here to ensure that your transition to the new Jira Cloud Automation model is seamless and beneficial. With Atlassian’s updated automation model, the focus is on efficiency and success rates. As your partner, we will guide you in refining your Jira automations to meet these new standards.

Here’s a brief rundown of the key changes:

  • Count Only Successful Actions. Triggers that don’t result in the desired outcome won’t chip away at your monthly quota.
  • Product-Specific Limits. Rather than sharing a limit across all your Jira Cloud products, each will have its own cap to offer more flexibility.
  • All Automation rules, including single-project and global, will now count towards the usage limit.

Single project automation now counts towards your monthly limit, earlier it only counted cross-project automations.

Your Way Forward with Jira Automation Changes

We recommend two main strategies to adapt to the new automation model in Jira Cloud, and these can be combined for the best outcome:

  • Upgrade to Premium or Enterprise: By upgrading to Premium, you gain access to an extencsive higher number of automation executions per month. With the Enterprise plan, the number of automation executions is unlimited, offering you complete freedom and flexibility.
  • Optimize Your Automation:  If you find that you’re exceeding the new limits, we recommend refining your rules to reduce usage. This could involve adjusting the conditions of your rules or disabling rules that are rarely used.

By employing both strategies, you ensure not only access to more automation executions but also that the automation rules you have in place are the most efficient and valuable for your team.

Post-Launch Advisory for Jira Automation from Stretch Addera

Since the November 1st shift, our team has been at the forefront, ensuring that our clients’ Jira automation strategies are adapted and optimized for the new model.

1. Transition Offers: Embracing Jira Cloud Premium

To ease the transition, Atlassian offers:

  • Three-Month Premium Trial: Monthly customers can trial Premium features, with Stretch Addera’s expert guidance to ensure you get the most from this opportunity.
  • Annual Subscription Grace Period: No immediate changes will impact current annual subscribers, allowing for strategic planning with our team of Atlassian application specialists.

2. Jira Premium Trial: Explore togheter with Stretch Addera

Our team is ready to assist you in leveraging Jira Cloud Premium’s trial, ensuring that every feature is explored and understood to make an informed decision.

3. Jira Renewal Planning: Strategize with Stretch Addera

As your renewal date approaches, we will collaborate with you to realign your Jira automations to match your organization’s evolving needs.

4. Ongoing Jira Optimization: A Stretch Addera Promise

Stretch Addera is dedicated to continuously enhancing your Jira experience, aligning it with the new automation model for maximum efficiency.

5. Elevate Your Jira Strategy with Stretch Addera

The latest changes in Jira automation present a new horizon of possibilities. Partner with Stretch Addera to transform these updates into strategic advantages for your organization.

Premium Benefits: Upgrading Your Jira Experience

Jira Cloud Premium includes increased automation and other advanced features. Elevate your team’s productivity with Jira Cloud Premium’s expanded features:

  • Sandbox: Validate changes in a safe environment.
  • Release Tracks Manage updates on your schedule.
  • Jira Service Management Assets: Streamline asset management.
  • Jira Software’s Advanced Roadmaps: Enhance strategic cross project planning.
  • SLA 99,9%

Take the next step in advancing your Jira Cloud capabilities. Connect with Stretch Addera today and let’s achieve excellence together.

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