Atlassian Jira Service Management within a week

Stretch Addera's introductory package kick-starts your Jira Service Management in the cloud

Stretch Addera’s introductory package kick-starts Jira Service Management in the cloud. Our Team delivers remotely and you have a first useable version within a few days. No physical meetings are required, but we are happy to collaborate online. We believe in an iterative approach with a long-term relationship. Our package also includes support and adaptation during your run-in period.

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Never before has communication, coordination and customer service at a distance been more important than now.

Your customer portal is the company’s primary contact with customers. It should be easy to get the right guidance and support. Jira Service Management provides an overview and structure of support issues, incidents and other issues that you have with all your customers. The service desk handles both the external market and the internal organization. Structure, SLAs and automation free up time for service management agents to focus on customer experience.

Complete with a knowledge bank in Confluence

With a knowledge bank in Confluence, customers receive self-service for recurring questions, which reduces the number of issues. The portal is your outwards face, you can maintain structure and stability over time.

We kick-starts your Jira Service Management in Cloud!

As more and more people work from home, solutions such as shared mailboxes can be difficult to maintain, more structure is needed. A support tool, Jira Service Management, makes work more efficient.

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