We simplify your transition from Server to Atlassian Data Center

We simplify your transition from Server to Atlassian Data Center

Your Atlassian Data Center environment will meet all your needs for data control, security, scalability and adaptability. Our team helps you elevate your Atlassian server applications to data centers.

Each migration is unique and the team’s previous experience facilitates your change of environment. The project begins with a meeting where our migration team analyzes your current environment, versions, apps / add: ons, integrations and AD connections. After the meeting, Stretch provides feedback with estimates for the migration project and together we set the schedule. We help you pursue any support issues against Atlassian and Marketplace app developers regarding the migration project. Our licensing team also provides advice on data center licenses and we help with purchasing the right levels. Licenses are invoiced in SEK or another selected currency.

Take advantage of a hybrid environment

Atlassian Data Center is a long-term part of Atlassian’s strategy. Atlassian is continuously investing in new features and in their roadmap there are activities to support an improved hybrid environment of Data Center and Cloud. Data Center gives you full freedom of your own instance where your management team has full access to database and logs.

Atlassian’s alternative for installation and operation within its own environment is the Data Center. After February 2021, Advanced Roadmaps (Jira Software), Insight (Jira Service Management) and Team Calendar for Confluence are also included in the basic application. Stretch has extensive experience of scalable data center instances in e.g. AWS and Azure and the Stretch team manages and further develops Atlassian data center instances with over 20,000 users.

Stretch Addera’s service agreement

Most of our Data Center customers choose us as a partner and order a Stretch Addera service agreement to ensure a hassle-free start, continuous configuration of certified specialists and long-term efficient management.


We lead the way!


Clear focus on the Cloud

Atlassian has a clear focus on the cloud, new server licenses are not available for purchase after February 2, 2021. In order for your transfer from server to Data Center to take place as smoothly and stress-free as possible, the server option remains for 3 years from February 2. 2021 with support for customers with an active license.

Atlassian will update its price list on February 2, 2021, Stretch helps with a quote on renewal or upgrade today so that you secure the cost you have already budgeted for.

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