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Discovery Integration between Device42 and Jira Service Management Cloud

Auto discover assets and gain insight and control 

Jira Service Management gets more and more abilities, recently Atlassian announced the AWS connector and now it’s time for Device42. This integration is free for Device42 and Atlassian customer and it can be downloaded from Atlassian Marketplace.

Enterprise customers need an auto-discovery solution to keep track of their complex, growing IT infrastructure. Device42 could be used for the auto-discovery. The discovered information needs to be available in your IT Service Management (ITSM) solution and Configuration Management Database (CMDB) with up-to-date and accurate information. The Device42 integration with Assets in Jira Service Management solves this challenge.

Device42 provides the breadth and depth of IT infrastructure, cloud, data center, and storage data as well as applications and dependencies. While Atlassian provides a free solution to customers in Assets Discovery, Device42’s discovery capabilities are one of the widest and deepest solutions in this market, allowing enterprise customers to make sense of the growing and complex IT estate.

Ability to use Device42 Data in Jira Service Management Assets 

Data discovered by Device42 is synced, through the connector, with Assets in Jira Service Management. This gives the possibility for the Jira users to select and attach Device42 Assets / Configuration Items (CIs) to their Jira Service Management service request, ticket, or issue.

  • This enables service desk users to quickly review related items of their business for incident response and change management without leaving Jira Service Management, avoid context switching.
  • Data can be used by automation in Jira Service Management and other Jira workflows.
  • When a new dependency is found in the Application Focus Filters for a business application, an issue is created with all the related CIs. Stakeholders can approve or deny adding the new dependency from Jira Service Management.

The default schema in Jira Service Management is for devices, business applications, buildings, departments, and users.

Jira users can see details from Device42 (such as serial number, asset number, and hardware model) for that CI directly in Jira Service Management. Similarly, they can see the associated information for other CI types. The CIs in Jira Service Management can also be linked to the Device42 page for that CI, enabling users to easily view additional CI details.

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